PageGate 5.0.9

Send messages between computers or pagers


  • Good for communicating through several mediums at once
  • Supports several communication methods


  • Not necessary for those that only use e-mailing and texting
  • Requires some server management knowledge

Not bad

PageGate allows you to perform network paging or network wide SMS messaging through a combination of communication methods. These include, email, webpages, commandlines, textfiles, Internet, serial ports, modems, mobile phones, wireless modems, direct database access and Windows clients.

It allows you to send SMS or text messages to alphanumeric pagers, numeric pagers, cell phones, PIMs, billboards, etc. Everything goes through the PageGate SMS Server Engine which takes input from any of the front-end modules and sends the messages to paging service providers via modem, the Internet or email. The good thing is that any of these can be used at the same time but note that you'll need licenses for sending to large numbers of recipients. You'll need to know a little bit about server maintenance because the engine runs on an existing file or web server, or a separate workstation or server. It also needs updating every few days to protect security.

If you work in a company or organisation that regularly needs access to a huge range of communications options, you'll find Pagegate useful. However, for most of us used to just e-mail and SMS texting, it's far too elaborate and extensive.



PageGate 5.0.9

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    Great Software Version Listed is Incorrect However.
    PageGate is fantastic the current version however is 7 not 5...   More